Trumpet Judgments


(From the website)

1st TRUMPET Hail, Fire, Blood 1/3 Of All Earth's Vegetation Destroyed Revelation 8:7

2nd TRUMPET Burning Mountain 1/3 Of Earth's Oceans Polluted Revelation 8:8-9

3rd TRUMPET Star Named 'Wormwood' 1/3 Of Earth's Fresh Water Polluted Revelation 8:10-11

4th TRUMPET Sun Smitten 1/3 Of Sun, Moon And Stars Darkened Revelation 8:12

5th TRUMPET Plague Of Locusts Demonic Invasion; FIRST WOE Revelation 9:1-2

6th TRUMPET Plague Of Horsemen Demonic Invasion; SECOND WOE Revelation 9:13-21

7th TRUMPET 7th Angel Great Voices In Heaven Announce, "The Kingdoms Of This World Are Becoming the Kingdoms Of Our Lord And Of His Chrict; And He Shall Reign Forever And Ever." Revelation 11:15-19

Seal Judgments

(From the Website)

1st SEAL White Horse Antichrist Comes Forth Revelation 6:1-2

2nd SEAL Red Horse War and Bloodshed Revelation 6:3-4

3rd SEAL Black Horse Famine Revelation 6:5-6

4th SEAL Pale Horse Pestilence and Death Revelation 6:7-8

5th SEAL Souls Under The Altar Martyrs For Jesus In Heaven Revelation 6:9-11

6th SEAL Great Earthquakes Upheaval And Devastation Revelation 6:12-17

7th SEAL Silence In Heaven Prayers Of The Saints Ascend Up Before God. Thunder, Lightening And Earthquakes Upon Earth Revelation 8:1-2