Iran: The "Next Prophetic War" News

By Kevin Swift

Iraq, Iran & the Beginning of Sorrows

February 1, 2011--Editor's Note: There is a good chance that Iran will see renewed protests, and Rafsanjani will come out the winner in the fight for power. His time has come prophetically to rise up and take [even more] control of Iran.

Iraq’s defeat by the American-led coalition commenced on March 19, 2003, at Shushan Purim—the day Purim is celebrated in Jerusalem. Triumph over neighboring Iran by Western powers has also long been predicted in Daniel 8:1-8. In fact, this Persian Gulf conflict with old Persia is the catalyst that sets in motion a torrent of end-time war following disaster after disaster, which arrive in quick succession.

The prophet Daniel was taken into vision “in the province of Elam; in the vision I was beside the Ulai Canal (8:2),” which is in the Iran, Iraq and Kuwait region near the Persian Gulf. Daniel “looked up, and there before me was a [Islamic] Ram with two horns [two countries—Iraq and Iran], standing beside the canal, and the horns were long [two prominent Islamic nations in the Gulf region]. One of the horns [Iran] was longer [geographically bigger/stronger] than the other and grew up later… suddenly a Goat [Western powers] with a prominent horn between his eyes [America] came from the west, crossing the whole earth [a great distance] without touching the ground [with speed]. He came toward the two-horned [Iraq and Iran Islamic] Ram I had seen standing beside the canal and charged at him in great rage. I saw him attack the [Islamic] Ram furiously, striking the Ram and shattering his two horns [Iraq and Iran]. The [Islamic] Ram was powerless to stand against him; the Goat [from the West] knocked him [Islamic Ram] to the ground and trampled on him, and no one could rescue the Ram from his power. The [Western] Goat became very great, but at the height of his power his large horn [America] was broken off, and in its place four prominent horns grew up toward the four winds of heaven [dispersed in all directions of the globe],” (Daniel 8:3-8).

Some people believe the Ram and Goat confrontation of Daniel 8 occurred long before the birth of Jesus, and therefore has nothing at all to do with our modern world. However, Daniel was told in no uncertain terms, “the vision” of war concerns “the appointed time of the end” (Daniel 8:19). These Persian Gulf regional clashes, Iraq’s defeat followed by Iran’s demise, set the stage for a wider Middle East war, the last days and the fulfillment of God’s end-time Calendar.

Gabriel explains the vision of war to the prophet Daniel later in the chapter . He is told the conflict involves Media (modern-day Iraq) and Persia (modern-day Iran), which two horns sit atop the Islamic “Ram”. Iraq is overcome first, followed by Iran. Daniel said, “One of the horns was longer than the other [Iran is larger geographically, and stronger than Iraq] but grew up later [meaning, the Iranian confrontation would follow some time after the Iraqi overthrow],” (8:3).

Centuries ago, Bible translators connected the confronting “Goat” to “Greece”; however, the Hebrew word interpreted as Greece is “Yawan” (“Javan”). Javan was one of the sons of Japheth , and at the writing of Daniel, Javan implied regional powers from the west, rather than a specific nation. Furthermore, Daniel’s vision involves events at the “time of the end,” so it must be applied to modern times. Javan, the Western powers, is said to have a prominent horn—the first king (United States). Prophecy indicates the Goat will defeat the two-horned (Iraq/Iran) Islamic Ram. Nevertheless, the prominent horn (America) will quickly be “broken off,” indicating her loss of world dominance. In its place, four major power bases will emerge—the New World Order. From one of these horns of power (Western European Union) the “little horn”—literally the smallest nation in the world (0.2 square miles)—will gain worldwide supremacy. The “stern-faced king, a master of intrigue” who blasphemes the Holy One of Israel and persecutes the true believers, will emerge from the vestiges of darkness to rule with great authority.

Civilization originated in the Middle East, and the end of civilization as we know it will begin there. Global tensions have been escalating in the last two decades. The U.S.-NATO-Israeli alliance will overthrow Iran, enraging Islam and her allies—the Chinese-Russian-Iranian coalition. Israel and Syria will clash. The Russian Bear will attack with overwhelming force, devastating three countries in Western Europe. Once nuclear armaments are unleashed, mayhem and global holocaust will spiral out of control. America will falter and collapse and this once powerful nation will lose her prodigious superpower status.